I have two friends that play “industrial music” (link).  It is a sort of mix between noises and sounds, very interesting. You can like it or not, but anyway it is interesting. They saw in the Wired magazine, the istructions to realize an Auduino. It is a synthetizer made with an Arduino and some potentiometers. It is very simple to realize. They asked me if I could make this Arduino, because they are always searching for new instruments, new sounds, new noises.

The link to Auduino explanation: http://code.google.com/p/tinkerit/wiki/Auduino

So I realized an Auduino. Because to use an Arduino Uno for a stand-alone application is not a wise decision, I built an Arduino in a breadboard, using these instructions (link)

I modified a little the schema to be more simple. This is the result:




This is Auduino in action: